‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’

‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’
Apr 2023

The thrilling final season of Star Trek: Picard ends with an epic battle against the Federation's greatest enemy. The Americans' Keri Russell stars in the Netflix drama The Diplomat as an unwilling UK ambassador caught in an international crisis. GLOW's Betty Gilpin is a warrior nun intent on destroying an all-powerful AI in Peacock's bizarre Mrs. Davis. On Grey's Anatomy, Bailey's antagonists hit close to home.

‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’
Trae Patton/Paramount+.

Star Trek: Picard

Series Finale

If you were ever a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, let's just say resistance is futile as Admiral Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his stalwart crew board a very familiar vessel to take on the Federation's most fearsome enemy. There are plenty of easter eggs and callbacks to enjoy as well in the action-packed series finale, with the odds stacked against our heroes when they're the last hope to defend Earth and a terrifyingly assimilated Starfleet. But will Jean-Luc be forced to sacrifice his son Jack (Ed Speleers) for the greater good? This final season has provided a bonanza of Trek nostalgia, and that holds true through the final scenes.

‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’

The Diplomat

Series Premiere

The Americans' Keri Russell is typically terrific in this geopolitical thriller, shifting gears from secret Soviet spy to no-nonsense war-seasoned U.S. diplomat. She's Kate Wyler, who's not happy to learn that her posting to Afghanistan has been altered to a gig as ambassador to the U.K., which has been rocked by the mysterious bombing of a Royal Navy aircraft carrier off the coast of Iran. Suddenly, she's embroiled in international intrigue, trying to keep her charismatic husband (a wry Rufus Sewell), a former ambassador himself, from muddying the taut situation. He tells her to "lean into the Cinderella thing" from their lavish new residence, but she'd rather deal with spies than stylists. The vibe in the eight-episode first season reminds me in a good way of Madam Secretary with a bit more bite.

‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’
Greg Gayne/Peacock

Mrs. Davis

Series Premiere

The title character is not a she, it's an algorithm, and the nemesis of Betty Gilpin (GLOW), who plays the ferocious Sister Simone, a warrior nun who wants nothing more than to extinguish this pervasive Artificial Intelligence that has taken the world by storm. Premiering with four episodes, this surreal action/sci-fi romp from Damon Lindelof (Lost, Watchmen) and Tara Fernandez (The Big Bang Theory) co-stars Jake McDorman as Simone's ex, who's also part of the resistance. What all of this has to do with a search for the mystical Holy Grail remains to be seen. If not entirely understood.

‘Picard’ Final Battle, Keri Russell as Netflix’s ‘Diplomat,’ Betty Gilpin Fights AI in ‘Mrs. Davis,’ Bailey a Target on ‘Grey’s’

Grey's Anatomy

With most of the broadcast networks in repeat mode, the best bet is the long-running medical drama, with another return appearance by Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery, who sympathizes with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) for enduring harassment from anti-choice zealots--whose threats are becoming more personal and even infiltrate the walls of Grey Sloan Memorial. Elsewhere, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is taking out her abandonment issues on everyone within reach. It's not a good look.


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